State Of Mind Customs – Pickup Day – 1966 VW Beetle Project

John Bickel, owner of State Of Mind Customs, picked up the car this morning.  John and his team are responsible for creating VW’s Max, the German accented shiny black 1964 vintage Volkswagen Beetle.  In 2008, Max appeared in many VW commercials where he interviewed different celebrities including basketball coach Bobby Knight, supermodel Heidi Klum, Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy, and Baywatch actor David Hasselhoff.  Five indentical cars were restored for those commercials, three of which were restored in just 21 days (1 car per week).   That’s movin’!

The day started early with John arriving promptly at 7am to pick up the car. John spent over an hour with me going over the car, and all the work that needed to be done. John really knows his stuff, and offered up lots of good insight and advice.  I felt like a sponge, trying to suck up all that knowledge .  It was a pleasant experience, and I feel confident the car is in GREAT hands. The work to be done includes installing a new headliner, applying a matching body color bedliner for the undersides of the fenders. Here are some pics from today:


All Packed Up And Ready For Transport


Loaded On The Trailer

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