Master Series – Mastercoat Silver and AG111 – 1966 VW Beetle Project

My mistake with the Master Series product was a pretty big setback (see previous post).  I’m guessing it set me back about 20-25 man hours in total.  Ouch!  Live and learn, I guess.  The final product is MUCH better though, and I’m  happy the problem presented itself sooner than later.  I would have been really bummed if I got the car all back together and then noticed the problem afterward.  The bright side is that the problem was caught straight away, and it was corrected before putting the body back on and putting the car back together.  I’m now done with the pan, and I’m EXTREMELY HAPPY with the final result.  🙂  I must also say that PM Industries (specifically Pat) was extremely helpful throughout this whole project.  I can’t speak highly enough of Pat and his company.  Thanks so much Pat!  Here are some pictures of the stripped pan, primer coat, and the *final* top coat:


Top Of Pan Stripped, Degreased, and Cleaned:


Mastercoat Silver Primer:


Master Series AG111 Top Coat – Final Product – Looks GREAT!

2 thoughts on “Master Series – Mastercoat Silver and AG111 – 1966 VW Beetle Project

  1. Greg

    Hi – I’m in the middle of a build much like yours, except I’m replacing the beetle body with a fiberglass dune buggy body. Already shortened it, and sandblasted the front axle, moving on to the chassis tomorrow. My questions have to do with problems you had with the MasterCoatings. I found your reference to problems, but can’t find where you discussed them. I bought the silver undercoat and the black topcoat at a car show two months ago, and intend to use them just like you did. Did you spray it? If so, what size orifice/nozzle did you use and how do you think I should do it? Thanks a mil for taking the time to document your build. Wish I was more savvy and I’d do it too.

    1. Wolfy

      Hi Greg. Thanks for your post and questions. Here’s a link to the article showing you what “not to do” with the product…

      I used regular brushes and foam brushes. There are no brush marks in the final product.

      Would love to see your progress on your dune buggy. Keep me posted!



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