Stainless Steel Body Bolts Installed – 1966 VW Beetle Project

I installed some stainless steel body bolts and body bolt plates today.  No sense in doing all the work on the chassis/pan, and then have the body bolts rust out on me.  I found/purchased the body bolt plates from a company in the UK called Volks Bolts.  The plates are very well made, and look GREAT!  I already had the bolts, and I purchased those from Totally Stainless.  Volks Bolts sells a kit with the plates and the bolts together.  Both were very good companies to deal with.  All the bolts were installed with anti-seize to prevent galling/seizing, and torqued to the proper torque spec.  I’d like to thank my brother Bill, for helping me put them all on.  Thanks dude!  I think they look great!

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