Engine Install – 1966 VW Beetle Project

The day has come to install the new engine in the Beetle.  Wow, it’s nice to finally be installing it.  My Dad came down for the weekend (he lives in Northern Michigan) to help put the engine in. You may recall that the engine was built by Willie Page last fall and picked up from him in November. For more details regarding the engine build and Willie’s services, see my blog post here: Engine Picked Up From Builder (Nov 20, 2011).

Here’s Willie’s contact information, if you’re interested in contacting him:

Contact: William “Willie” Page
Phone#: 630-470-2737
Email: pages4256@sbcglobal.net

Here’s a video of the actual install at 4X speed…




A Few Pictures From Today…

My Dad And I

Can’t wait to get it on the road! 

2 thoughts on “Engine Install – 1966 VW Beetle Project

  1. shawn mann

    I just happened upon your sold project…nice work…I can’t tell from the lighting, but was the vw dove or sea blue ?



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