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1966 VW Beetle Project – Final Post – The Buyer

This is my final blog post for my ’66 Beetle Project.  I want to share with you some pictures and a voicemail message from the person that purchased the car, Chris Vallone. You may have heard of him.  Chris is well known in the VW community. He restores classic VW bugs, is the owner of Classic VW Bugs, and is an educator of VW restoration.  He has a YouTube channel where he provides free video content for people wanting to learn the art of aircooled VW restoration, or how to just keep them running.  I’ve certainly watched many of his YouTube videos. Chris is a real asset to the VW community. I was pleasantly surprised, and excited, that Chris took a liking to my car and purchased it.  I feel like my project couldn’t have ended on a better note.

After receiving the car, Chris called to tell me how much he liked it. Unfortunately I missed his call, but he left me the voicemail message below (click to listen).

I guess missing the call wasn’t so bad after all, because I wouldn’t have this voicemail message otherwise.  The message meant a lot to me, and my family as well.  Thanks Chris!

Here’s a couple of pictures of Chris and his Dad with the car. Of course they added their touches to the car (stock height on the front end, white walls), which I like very much.



(Posted with Chris’ permission.)