Vent Window Frames Back From Koch’s – 1966 VW Beetle Project

I’ve been looking for some good/used vent window frames for the car.  Ends up you can’t buy new reproductions for 1965-1967 Beetles.  You can buy them for every year up to 1964, and every year after 1967, but not 1965-1967.  Very strange to me, considering these 3 years encompass some of VW’s highest production years.  You’d think there would be a market for nice reproductions.  I guess not though.  So, I finally gave up on finding a good used set.  I ended up sending mine out to Koch’s in California to be completely restored.  I already purchased all the new rubber from Wolfsburg West, so I sent the rubber along with the frames.  Koch’s completely stripped the frames of the old rubber (what was left of it), re-chromed them, put the new rubber on, and put them back together.  They look brand new! I think they did a FANTASTIC job on them, and I am very pleased.  Here’s a few pictures the from today after receiving them back from Koch’s:

Can’t wait to get these installed, and put my doors back together.  Stay tuned!  =)

5 thoughts on “Vent Window Frames Back From Koch’s – 1966 VW Beetle Project

    1. Wolfy

      Hi. I think I paid about $220 each. I supplied all the rubber, which I purchased separately from Wolfsburg West.

  1. Jan

    It is strange that they don’t have vent wing assemblies for 1965 and 1966 years. I’ve been searching online for hours now and couldn’t find any. My question is, does the ’64 assembly fit the ’65 and ’66?


    I’d like to share my project with you too.

    1. Wolfy Post author

      Hi Jan. No, the ’64 vent windows won’t fit the ’65-’67 doors. I agree, it is strange that no one makes reproductions for ’65-’67. You think they would, considering those years are at the peak of Beetle production. Koch’s did a great job restoring mine though. Your project65 site looks great! I just subscribed to it. -Wolfy

  2. David Castilla

    Good afternoon,

    Can you provide me the information for Kosh. I have a 66 and need them to get restored like you. I would like to call them and ship to them to restore and i will send the rubbers as well. My email address is dcastilla77 or you can call me at 305-922-5805.

    Thank you,


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