Reattaching Body To Chassis/Pan- 1966 VW Beetle Project

Today was the day!  Dad and Joy came down this weekend for a visit.  It was really nice seeing them.  We put the body back on the chassis while they were here.  It went so much faster with 3 of us working.  Thanks Dad and Joy!  =)  The body basically went right back on in the reverse order that I originally removed it (see my removal post here).  It all went really smooth.  Here are some pics from today:


Chassis Lined Up Under Body…


Dad and Joy…


Here we go…  Front end lifted and loosely attached to body via the 2 front beam body bolts.  The bolts were threaded about 1/2 way in so the pan/chassis could pivot while lifting/attaching the rear.


Back end jacked up and attached to body via shock tower mounting bolts…  The rest of the body bolts were attached once the vehicle was set down on the jack stands.  All the body bolts were loosely bolted on.  They’ll all be torqued (14ft lbs) once back down on the ground.  It’s easier to get them all started when the car is on the jackstands (more room to work under there).


After 2 months, it’s finally back on the ground…  Looks awesome!  I want to drive it around looking just like that.  LOL!  =)

2 thoughts on “Reattaching Body To Chassis/Pan- 1966 VW Beetle Project

  1. Andrew

    I like your web site. 1966 is the year I would like to also get .
    What parts are to get for that year and what color did you use it looks great.
    And yes it is cheaper just to buy yours.

    1. Wolfy Post author

      Thanks Andrew. It’s a good year. The last of what I call the “classic” Beetles. They started changing them in ’67, There are several one year only things on it. I can’t remember off the top of my head, but the main thing is the 1300 engine. I’d have to read back through all my blog posts to refresh my memory on the unique ’66 items. YES, it would be CHEAPER to buy mine! 😉 How did you find my blog?



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