Installed Solid State 12V Voltage Regulator – 1966 VW Beetle Project

Today I installed a 12V solid state voltage regulator. It’s probably the ugliest voltage regulator I’ve ever seen. You’d think with today’s technology, they could have made it the same size as the original 12V non solid state voltage regulators. I plan to replace this with a non solid state voltage regulator in the new future, just so it looks better sitting on the generator. I installed it in the same place the original 6V voltage regulator would be installed. I’ll need to drill a hole in the 12V generator, and thread it, so I can attach the rear side (towards rear of car) of the regulator to the generator. For now, it’s attached to the only hole on the generator on the front side (towards front of car) of the voltage regulator. It’s nice and secure with just the one bolt, but I would prefer 2 holes for attachment.  It’s too bad the new 12V generators don’t come with both threaded holes.  It would be nice for all the 6V to 12V conversions out there so they look “correct”.  I also created some wires to connect the voltage regulator to the generator (red and green wires in pictures).  Here are some pictures:

Engine Sitting On It’s Dolly Just Itching To Be Installed!  =)

2 thoughts on “Installed Solid State 12V Voltage Regulator – 1966 VW Beetle Project

  1. Mike Chapman

    I have 1967 Bug and use the same solid state regulator. I’m glad it’s under the rear seat because it DOES look ugly. I will eventually go back to the electro-mechanical regulator – the Echlin VR502 part from NAPA is less than $30 – the solid state ATM 0190350068 also from NAPA is almost $70. BTW – that outside upper surface is hot at +12v – there’s a coating on it to lessen the danger of electrical contact, but I’d still be careful about touching it with metal tools.

    1. Wolfy

      Hi Mike. Thank you so much for the information. That is super helpful. I think I’ll buy that VR502 part from NAPA. It’s a great price, and has a 3 year warranty too. Since you have the ’67, and it’s hidden under the rear seat, what is your reasoning for wanting to switch back to the VR502 mechanical style voltage regulator?


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