Giant Sawhorses – Body Removal – 1966 VW Beetle Project

I made some giant sized sawhorses today to hold the body when I remove it from the chassis.  There is some work I want to do to the body, and it will be way easier to do with it off the chassis.  Wow, they *are* sturdy!  STURDY!  I think I could keep my Suburban body on them.  😉

The sawhorse design is based on the ones in the Bugme videos.  They’re pretty easy to build. It took three 8ft 4×4’s, 1.5 8ft 2×4’s, and 4 metal post things (for reinforcement and to hold the legs easily/nicely in place) for each sawhorse.  They’re high enough, and wide enough, to roll the chassis out from under the body once it’s on the sawhorses.  I’ll be putting the body on the sawhorses solo.  I’ll record a video of the process and share it on here.


One thought on “Giant Sawhorses – Body Removal – 1966 VW Beetle Project

  1. Paul Maclellan

    Hello I’m looking at building some of these saw horses and was winding if you had more precise measurements that I would be able to use

    Many thanks


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