Undercoating Removal – Part 3 – 1966 VW Beetle Project

I continued removing the undercoating from the pan today.  I’m pretty much done.   I just need to remove the bolts that hold the body to the pan so I can use the needle scaler down through that channel where the bolts go.  I need to order the Master Series undercoating primer and topcoat still.  I have an email into them asking about the differences between their mastercoat black and ag111 product.  Specifically if the ag111 has the same properties as the mastercoat black when it comes to seeing brush marks (when applying with a brush).  (Edit: 5-28-2011 -> The ag111 does have the same non brush mark properties.  It’s what I ordered.  Arrived today.)

Here are the results of cleaning the pan with the needle scaler.  Looks great!  Nice original pan too!



2 thoughts on “Undercoating Removal – Part 3 – 1966 VW Beetle Project

  1. bill

    I stumbled across your blog and will definitely try the needle scaler. I’m currently restoring a 72 super beetle and I’ve been using a wire wheel on my drill to strip away undercoating (for almost 2 days now) very messy, very slow. I will definitely go to harbor freight tommorrow. I’m pretty much a newbie and figuring things out as i go, looking for info on the web, doing alot of reading etc. I bought replacement heater channels and i’m kinda at a loss as to how they install…do they mount to the pan or the body? Not sure…i guess i’ll figure it out when I have everything completely ready for body work. Also, did you install your headliner or did you have someone else do it? Thanks.

    1. Wolfy

      Hi Bill. How’d the needle scaler work out for you? I started with a wire wheel on a drill too, and went to the needle scaler. The needle scaler went through it like butter. I hired someone to do the headliner.


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