Vintage Blaupunkt Radio – 1966 VW Beetle Project

I bench tested Karl’s new radio this evening. I purchased it from a gentleman in the UK last year sometime. The good news is that it’s working great! Now if I only had a proper speaker for Karl’s dash, I’d have it ready to go for the car show on Sunday. I have the speaker on order, but it won’t be here in time. I bench tested with my headphones as speakers instead. Here’s a picture:


Isn’t that the coolest looking vintage Beetle radio? Not as cool as the early 50’s Beetle radios, but still super cool!

I plugged the radio into the dipole antenna I built in my attic. Whoah! I think I can pick up stations in Europe now (just kidding). It works so well though. Hopefully I won’t be too disappointed with the radio’s reception when I finally hook it up to the car antenna. 😉

I blogged about the antenna here:

A Stealthy Homebrew Vertical Dipole Antenna Using Mobile CB Antennas

3 thoughts on “Vintage Blaupunkt Radio – 1966 VW Beetle Project

  1. Tim Ryan


    I have a 66 VW Beetle. My mother bought it in 1968 from a man that was in the military and bought it in Frankfort. It was not made for the American market and has unique European features – German ignition and “Blaupunkt” radio. Mine looks very similar to the one you have and my white buttons at the bottom include an “M” and a “L” like yours but instead of a “U” mine is a music note symbol. It’s an AM 6volt radio with speaker flanking the speedometer. Radio worked when I was a kid, but doesn’t now.

    Any help you can give me to have it fixed would be grand.


    Tim Ryan
    Atlanta, GA

    1. Wolfy Post author

      Hi Tim. Great story! If I recall, my radio had a switch on the backside of it that allowed me to switch between 6V and 12V. I don’t recall entirely though. Is your car still 6V or has it been upgraded to 12V? I can probably put you in touch with the person that I bought mine from. He restores them.


      1. Aris

        Hello guys…I have a 1965 beetle and I am looking for such a radio…can you help me with that? Do you have an idea where can I find a Blaupunkt radio?



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