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License Plate Bracket & 3M Tape – 1966 VW Beetle Project

My license plate arrived yesterday, and finally got around to installing it today. I found another use for the 3M paint protection tape that I used on the door sills too.  See a previous post about my door sills by clicking here.  I used the 3M Paint Protection Paint on the back of the license plate bracket.  Figured it would help protect the paint of the engine lid since it sits right on it underneath the license plate light.  It installs just like the InvisibleShield screen protector stuff you may have installed on your mobile phones or other electronic devices. Just dunk the tape in some water with a little bit of baby shampoo added to it, put into place, and then squeegee the excess water and bubbles out from underneath. Here are some pictures:

If you look close, you’ll see the clear 3M Paint Protection Tape installed on the bracket.  Once it’s dry, just trim off the excess tape.  Click to enlarge.

Here’s a quick video showing the 3M Paint Protection Tape